Saturday, January 25, 2020


BRUSSELS, Jan 20 — EU High Representative Federica Mogherini Monday Said the 28-member European bloc will boost its security and intelligence cooperation with the Arab world, and also improve communication with Arab communities living in Europe.

“We took a decision to coordinate in a much more active way than it has been the case so far; first of all with an input to share intelligence information not only within the EU but also with other countries around us starting from the Mediterranean and the Arab world, from Turkey, Egypt, Gulf countries, North Africa but also looking more to Africa and Asia,” she told a press conference tonight after a meeting of EU foreign ministers.

They also took a decision on the security level to increase work on preventing financing of terrorist network, she said.

Mogherini announced that soon Brussels will host a meeting of experts from EU, US together with Australia, Canada, Japan, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and the UN agencies on counter the financing of in particular of Islamic State and terrorist organizations.

She urged for closer cooperation and dialogue with the Arab world, “because we are all facing the same threat and this I think is going to be something we will need to work more and more not only EU-Arab countries but also inside the EU with the Muslim communities and with all concept of minorities in the EU but also in the countries in the region.

“There are two things that I have agreed with the ministers that is in my direct capacity to strengthen and do even now, one to have ‘security attaches’ in all the EU delegations in relevant countries,” she said.

“The second thing I want to do immediately is to improve our communication with the Arab speaking populations being it in the EU, we have large communities that are Arabic speaking and with the larger Arab communities in the world,” she added.

“What we can add and what we agreed that would be useful to add on our side is on one side more diplomatic efforts in any format to contribute to solve the crisis; on a second level, a political dialogue on global and regional issues being it Syria or the Iranian talks on nuclear or the Middle-East peace process or again some of the regional crisis we have be it in Afghanistan or in Libya and major global challenges like climate change and counterterrorism” she added.