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Mohan Babu in a look never seen before in RGV’s ‘Rowdy’

Jayasudha: “The last time I acted opposite Mohan Babu was in ‘Rayalseema Ramana Choudhury,’ around fifteen years ago. But when we met on the sets, it seemed only like yesterday that we worked together. We found the same chemistry. My character Lakshmi is a typical housewife, yet an interesting one. Although violence is the business in the story, there is a wide gamut of emotions that Ramu (referring to Varma) has portrayed beautifully. I had few lines to be delivered straight without any modulation. After many years, I got the opportunity to dance for a song sequence and that was great fun.”

Kishore: “I play Bhushan, the eldest son of this Godfather-like character, who runs a parallel government. Bhushan is kind of a neglected child. Living in his father’s shadow, he wants to get out and is in search of his own identity. He does not see eye-to-eye with his younger brother, who is hailed as the good son. And to prove a point, he turns against his father.

Since Bhushan is basically a confused character, RGV wanted a confused look always on my face. It was a great working with Ram Gopal. His clarity of thought, his detailed characterization and his shot compositions all challenged me to bring my best onscreen. Even while explaining his characters and their emotions, RGV goes into little details.

Working with Mohan Babu was a lesson by itself. Despite his long innings in the industry, he is completely involved and improvises his role. It was nice watching him dance like a kid for a song sequence. As for Jayasudha, it was an honour. She was spot on with her lines and emotions and one just could not but react in the right way.

Vishnu Manchu: It was exciting sharing screen space with my father and to see him as a competitor in terms of acting. I had to reinvent myself and prove myself worthy of him. I have always looked up to him for his discipline, simplicity and dedication towards work. Ramu is fantastic. I learnt a good deal under him. ‘Rowdy’ is an important film in my career. And, this family emotional story will leave viewers in tears.