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More self-proclaimed “Syrian opposition” figures visit Israeli occupation

Damascus, Self-proclaimed Syrian opposition figures, namely Issam Zeitoun and a number of his cohorts, visited the Israeli occupation entity.

Following a meeting with Israeli officials, Zeitoun proclaimed that he came openly and that he isn't ashamed of this, and that the time of dealing [with the Israelis] covertly is over, stating that he proposed a plan to the Israeli officials, a plan which involves undermining Syria's unity.

With this, Zeitoun joins the ranks of other so-called opposition figures who had been received by the Israeli occupation in the past, including Kamal al-Labwani, Abduljalil al-Saeed, and others, who had carried out these visits to declare their allegiance and thanks to the occupation for its support for terrorism, and to demand that it establish a safe zone near the borders of the occupied Syrian Golan.

Several self-proclaimed opposition figures announced a plan in 2017 that involves acknowledging Israel and establishing friendly relations with it, including Nabil al-Dandal who had called in that same year for more cooperation between the Israelis and terrorist organizations against the Syrian Arab Army.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency