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MSI to focus on gaming laptops as margins are healthy

Dubai: Taiwanese computer manufacturer aims to cash in on the growing gaming laptops as the traditional PC sales are heading southwards.

“The traditional laptop shipments are falling between 3-5 per cent globally but the gaming laptops are growing between 11-15 per cent. So we are focusing more on the gaming beasts as margins are healthy,” George Kao, product marketing manager at Micro-Star International Company (MSI), told Gulf News.

He said tablets and smartphones are eating into the traditional PC market but professional gamers need powerful machines and specs to enjoy the show.

MSI said that gaming machines need not be bulky and awkward after launching its GS60 Ghost, the world’s first under two kilos and 20mm ultra-slim gaming laptop in Dubai.

Normally a gaming machine weighs between three to five kilos.

“Volumes are not important but margins are important and that is our strategy this year,” Kao said.

He said that MSI’s gaming notebooks feature a variety of cutting edge components, including SteelSeries gaming backlit keyboard, powerful customization options with better battery life.

MSI will be selling machines in four series – GT, GS, GE and GP in the region. All GS Series laptops are able to output to 4K (ultra high-definition) displays and can connect multiple independent monitors simultaneously using the Matrix Multi-Monitor Display.

“We will be focusing more on the Middle East region as the region has a young population and gaming is gaining traction at a faster pace,” he said.

He said that keyboard and the speed of data access play a key role in gaming machines and 85 per cent of the keys can be modified by giving gamers the power to personalize the playing style with many customization options.

He said that a 2.5-inch hard disk drive (7200 revolutions per minute) gives a storage performance of 90 megabytes per second while the 2.5-inch generation two solid state drive gives around 250 megabytes per second and 2.5-inch generation three solid state drive gives around 500 megabytes per second.

“Our machines with three solid state drives Super Raid 2 design give the storage performance up to 1500 megabytes per second. The reading, writing and saving speeds are 15 times faster than a single 7200 revolutions per minute hard disk drive,” Kao said.

Intel’s Haswell Platform (fourth-generation processor) is 15 per cent “more powerful than third-generation processor” while the CPU performance has increased by 3-7 per cent.