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Nasrallah confirms ‘resistance stronger than ever’

Marking its Leading Martyrs' Day, Hezbollah Party held a ceremony in the towns of Jibshit, Nabi Shit, Tayr Debba and Mlita this afternoon, during which Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah addressed a crowd of political figures, partisans, religious clerics and supporters, shedding light on recent developments in the region and the internal Lebanese situation.

In a tribute word to the memory of the Party's heroic, leading martyrs, particularly Abbas al-Moussawi, Sheikh Ragheb Harb and Imad Moghgnieh, Nasrallah honored their valuable sacrifices in fighting for their country and people. "Through their sweet memory and the presence of their spirits, we learn, we are guided, and we are filled with what is needed to pursue our future path," he said.

Nasrallah confirmed that the power of the resistance has increased significantly since the year 1982, despite all attempts by Israel and the United States to undermine the Party's strength. "These attempts failed because they do not know the secret of the resistance force, which is not about money or weapons, but rather lies in the strong faith in the spirit and supporters of the resistance," he underscored.

"This spirit is undefeatable, so we are strong," Nasrallah asserted, noting that the US Secretary of State was correct in expressing his concern in a recent statement that Hezbollah is now "stronger than ever."

"The Israeli army believes that the resistance is able to enter the Galilee, while it does not trust its ability to enter southern Lebanon," Nasrallah proudly affirmed, describing this as "a major shift and at a high level of importance."

The Secretary-General touched on the "Warsaw Conference" held recently to mobilize efforts against the axis of resistance," referring to the "failure of the conference" and its relation to the "2011 Friends of Syria Conference" which was attended by representatives of 148 countries, and before that the "Sharm El-Sheikh Conference" in 1996, in which Arab and world presidents participated.

"The Warsaw Conference will not frighten us because it was a meager conference. Its aim was to normalize relations between Israel and some Arab countries, so that the Palestinian cause could be forgotten and replaced by confronting the axis of resistance and Iran," he said.

Nasrallah called for "keeping the Palestinian issue in mind in the face of the current normalization attempts which are a cause for concern," stressing "the need to assume responsibilities in this confrontation, whether by word or discontent, in rejection of normalization."

Referring to the existence of "Daesh" in Syria, Nasrallah labeled the words of US President Donald Trump on the announcement of the end of Daesh's military presence in Syria as "hypocrisy." He noted that the presence of Daesh was supported from the very beginning by America, which was acknowledged by Trump himself when he accused Hillary Clinton and Obama of creating Daesh.

Nasrallah stressed that "the people in Iraq and Syria and their allies are the ones who destroyed Daesh, not the American who supports them." He criticized "the American claim of fighting Daesh in Syria," affirming that "the Syrian army and its allies, the youth of Hezbollah, the Iranian brethrens, the Iraqi factions and the Russian ally are the ones who freed Syria from the oppressors."

Nasrallah moved on to refute what the Americans said about Venezuela, while expressing solidarity with its leadership against conspiracy and American ambitions. He categorically denied allegations of the presence of Hezbollah cells in Venezuela and Latin America, deeming this talk as being "unfounded."

"There are no cells, groups or organizations for Hezbollah, neither in Latin America nor abroad," he emphasized.

On the Lebanese scene, Hezbollah Secretary-General stressed the importance of preserving the atmosphere of internal dialogue and cooperation and keeping away from debates and problems. He assured that Hezbollah's intention is "pure like the purity of Sheikh Ragheb, Sayyed Abbas and Mujahid Imad," adding, "We want nothing other than solving people's problems."

Nasrallah reiterated "Iran's capability of solving the electricity problem in Lebanon", accusing some politicians of not accepting this solution "so as not to anger the American and Saudi sides and because of political strife." He recalled the Iranian offer in 2006 to solve Lebanon's electricity problem, saying, "If it had occurred, it would have saved the Lebanese huge debts and hassles."

Moreover, Nasrallah called on those who refuse the Iranian offer to solve the problem of electricity "to work to secure alternatives from their friends, whether the Americans or others." Meanwhile, he denied "any possibility of resorting to demonstrations or objection in wake of turning down the Iranian offer to solve the electricity issue."

He declared that "the real battle today is against financial corruption and administrative waste," stressing that Hezbollah is adamant on fighting this battle, which as he said "started in the Parliament sessions devoted to discussing the ministerial statement and giving confidence to the government." Referring to the $ 11 billion dossier, Nasrallah vowed to "pursue it till the end!"

The Secretary-General outlined "the broad headlines of the battle against corruption, the most important of which is the protection of the Lebanese people's money." "All forces must fight it because we want to recover stolen money and stop waste expenditure today," he said.

Nasrallah refused to "defame those accused of corruption before investigations are finalized by the judiciary," adding that "if the judiciary's work is delayed, we will resort to the media or to the street, for our aim is to achieve results."

Finally, the Secretary-General considered that the fight against corruption "needs courage that resembles the purity of the three martyr leaders," vowing to successfully complete and accomplish what they had started.

Source: National News Agency