Nasrallah expects more sanctions on Hezbollah, vows to proceed with anti corruption battle ’till the end’

Foreign Affairs

Hezbollah leader, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, expected more sanctions to be tightened against his party, stressing that such procedures are part of an economic and financial war on the Resistance.

Speaking during the commemoration of the 30th foundation anniversary of the Islamic Resistance Support Association (IRSA), Nasrallah said that states other than the UK were likely to follow suit and blacklist Hezbollah.

"The US sanctions are expected to be tightened against our party and its supporters, as well as against the Lebanese banks," he said.

"Terror lists will be proliferating. In the past years, the Gulf states updated its terror list and other countries are doing the same; we must expect other states to put us on their blacklist. This is a continuous course," he added.

"We are being attacked but we are strong," he stressed.

"When they blacklist us and tighten their sanctions, it is because we defeated them and foiled their schemes," Nasrallah underlined, adding that the current sanctions are part of the economic, psychological and financial war on the Resistance.

"Despite everything that is happening, they could not impoverish us (...) We might encounter some setbacks, but with good management, we can overcome this war," he went on to say.

"When we went to Syria, some in Lebanon and the world stood at the river bank waiting for our cadavers; yet we triumphed," he reminded.

"To those who are still standing at the river bank and waiting for our breakdown due to famine and poverty, I say we shall only get stronger and more determined," he added.

He also maintained that the Israeli enemy was petrified and afraid of staging any war on Lebanon.

Turning to the fight against graft, Nasrallah said: "We have started the anti-corruption battle in Lebanon by opening two files; and the more is yet to come."

According to Nasrallah, the first file is the state finances from 1993 till 2017, including the USD 11 billion; while the second file is the useless loans.

"Fighting corruption is a duty that is as sacred as resisting occupation," he underlined.

"We are not competing with anybody in this battle (...) We will support and stand by whoever has evidence on corruption and hands them to the judiciary," he added.

"We are not adamant to remain on the front lines; we have a lot of work elsewhere," he continued.

"We are ready to coordinate the fight against corruption," he maintained.

"There are attempts to turn this battle into a sectarian one to protect supposedly corrupt persons," he noted.

"Do not bet on our desperation for we shall not break down. We know there is a long battle ahead and we do not expect swift accomplishments within weeks or months," he said.

"The rhetoric of insults only makes us stronger," he stressed.

"Do not wager on our fear of a civil war for we will not keep silent and we won't retreat," he warned.

"We will go on with this battle till the end," he vowed.

"In this battle, you can think about everything and expect anything from Hezbollah," he added.

Nasrallah went on to say that several finance ministers and prime ministers had come to office between 1993 and 2017 "yet one single person spoke out and made himself an accused."

"I believe that substantial results have been so far achieved; and we are still in the beginning of the anti-corruption battle," he said, stressing that there is national consensus on fighting corruption.

Source: National News Agency