Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Nasrallah: Our policy vis-a-vis enemy relies on constructive ambiguity

Hezbollah Secretary-General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, delivered a televised speech this Friday, at the memorial service held in honor of martyr Imad Mughniyeh’s mother, in the presence of political and parliamentary figures, religious and media personalities, and the family of the deceased.

“Our responsibilities are greater today,” Nasrallah said, describing the Resistance’s choices as “different, because it concerns the survival of a people on its land and the prevention of the confiscation of this people’s decision and future. These choices are, indeed, costly as they require the sacrifice of young lives.”

He thus hinted at “the choices of some to surrender and escape from shouldering responsibility in the face of the enemy.”

Tackling the latest political headlines, Nasrallah referred to the statements of US President, Donald Trump, and his calls “to learn a lesson”, as well as his soliciting “reimbursement” from his allies, “all the while making Saudi Arabia the cornerstone of his attack.”

“This is the United States, and this is the US administration. Imam Khomeini has described it as the depredator of peoples. There is no limit to Trump’s greed. His eyes are on Arab money in US banks. This greed has no end, especially since he considers himself eligible to that, being the one protecting them,” said the Hezbollah leader.

“Unlike former [US] Presidents who were good at preaching about human rights, Trump’s speech does not have any hint of human rights or justice. It is all about money and trade war. (…) He has no value for international courts or institutions. (…) And all we see is terrible smiles and deafening silence from America’s friends,” he went on to say.

Moving on to Israel, Nasrallah said “pertaining to military matters and the Resistance’s weapons, our policy is that of constructive ambiguity, and our silence is a purposeful one. Therefore, we do not have to provide answers whenever the enemy issues claims about Hezbollah-owned weapons’ stores.”

“What happened recently, upon the initiative of Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, after Netanyahu’s rocket claims, is regarded as an honorable initiative. We did not suggest such a move, however,” he stressed, thanking Bassil for his reaction and deeming it an “advanced diplomacy.”

Nasrallah did not fail to thank the people for “their responses with irony to the claims of the enemy’s leaders,” underlining the need to avoid unintentionally “helping the enemy in its psychological war against us and our people.”

Tackling the pending government formation, he said “I have no news as to this dossier, but we urge the formation of a government of national unity.”

“Everyone is complaining about the economic and livelihood situation. So why wait any longer?” he asked.

Highlighting the “absence of external factors in the formation of the government,” Sayyed Nasrallah asserting that neither Iran nor Syria had anything to do with the government formation dossier.

Source: National News Agency