Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Touching on what he described as a suicide drone attack on Beirut's southern suburb last night, Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, on Sunday reminded of the fact that it was the first Israeli attack on Lebanon since the 2006 aggression.

Wait for our response which may take place any time, he added as addressing the Israeli troops on Lebanon's border.

If we do not respond to the Zionist attack on the Southern Suburbs, Israel will repeat the same methods used to attack sites in Iraq, Nasrallah warned, adding that Hezbollah will never allow the Israeli aggression pattern to be repeated in Lebanon at any price.

In this vein, Nasrallah pledged that Hezbollah would endeavor to down all the Israeli drones which may violate Lebanon's airspace. He added that the Israeli air raids on Syria last night had targeted one of Hezbollah sites and claimed two martyrs.

What the Lebanese state is doing to condemn this aggression by means of complaining to the Security Council is good. But we, in the Islamic resistance, will not pass over this just like that. The time has gone when Israeli planes would come and bomb Lebanon whilst occupied Palestine remains safe for Israel, he added.

Nowadays, Israeli drones are not entering Lebanon for the sole purpose of gathering information. They have become suicide bombings and are linked to murders, he warned.

The words of Hezbollah's first came during a ceremony held by his political part on Sunday marking the Second Liberation Day, in the Bekaa' town of Al-Ain, during which he delivered a speech titled The Nation's Safeguard.

The ceremony was attended by President Michel Aoun's representative, Salim Aoun, House Speaker Nabih Berri's representative, Ghazi Zaiter, a crowd of official and popular figures, clerics from Christian and Muslim communities, as well as representatives of national parties.

Seizing the occasion, Hezbollah's first recalled the anniversary marking the kidnapping of Sayyed Mousa Al-Sadr and his two companions on August 31. The path of the resistance has prospered thanks to his eminence, Nasrallah added.

Beginning his word, Nasrallah deemed the great public turnout at the ceremony the first response to the Israeli air raids last night. He also congratulated Bekaa locals and the rest of the Lebanese on the Second Liberation Day, which marks defeating terrorist groups on the northeastern border with Syria.

I would also like to felicitate the Syrians on the Second Liberation Day because Syria benefited greatly from the victory, he added.

Pointing to the seriousness of the threat that had been posed by takfiris within the previous years, Nasrallah went as far as describing it as an existential threat.

The events that had rocked the outskirts are not something to be treated with oblivion, Nasrallah said, evoking the seriousness of this agenda, and what had been concocted for Syria.

Democracy was not the goal. It was more about targeting the resistance and the destruction and division of the region, Nasrallah explained, deeming the resistance the prime power that has prevented regional disintegration.

He also noted the role of the Syrian Arab Army and resistance fighters in the aforementioned war because the Lebanese army was forbidden to participate in the fighting.

However, Nasrallah went on to laud the courageous Lebanese official decision during the dawn of the outskirts operation, in which the Lebanese army took part, and which ended Daesh.

But Nasrallah dismissed as ungrateful those who ignored the role of the resistance and the Syrian army in this liberation.

Sayyed Nasrallah went on to say that the US administration had not only asked the Lebanese authorities to refrain from launching a campaign to liberate the northeastern outskirts from terrorist groups, but also to prevent Hezbollah from doing so.

Furthermore, the Hezbollah chief warned that the danger persisted because the US is endeavoring to revive Daesh in Iraq.

Daesh was the main pretext for the return of the US to Iraq, and today, it is trying to use this argument for the survival of US forces in Iraq, Nasrallah maintained.

It is the US that had transferred the remains of Daesh from Iraq and Syria to Afghanistan, and there are photos documenting this, he added.

Touching on the Syrian scene, Nasrallah said that the Israeli bombing of Syria and Netanyahu's claims of raids targeting Iranian forces was not true. The place where Israel bombed last night is that of Lebanese Hezbollah youth, he added.

If Israel kills any of our brothers in Syria, we will respond in Lebanon," he said as addressing Netanyahu.

Netanyahu is playing the elections game with the blood of Israelis, he added. Netanyahu will lead you to the brink, he told Israelis.

Nasrallah concluded by saying, We have made security and peace in the south, Bekaa, and Lebanon as a whole with our own hands. We will not allow the clock to be turned back. We are facing a new stage," he concluded.

Source: National News Agency