Thursday, October 17, 2019
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Netherlands Ambassador informs Mashnouq of additional 86 million euro grant to Lebanon

Minister of Interior Nuhad Mashnouq confirmed that "the election of a new President of the Republic would strengthen stability and promote the Lebanese sense of security and reassurance," adding that "the presidential activity is on, especially amid imminent financial and economic dues."

The Minister also stressed the necessity to hold the parliamentary elections on schedule.

Mashnouq made these remarks during a meeting he held with the Ambassador of the Netherlands Hester Somsen, whereby they tackled bilateral cooperation projects on the security and municipal levels, as well as the support of the Netherlands to Lebanon's security services, both technically and logistically.

Somsen announced after the meeting that her country has "allocated an additional 86 million Euros assistance to Lebanon and most of it will go to municipalities and displaced people."

"We looked into the repercussions of the Syrian refugee crisis on Lebanon. We talked about the declaration of intentions in London, where the Lebanese government announced its needs in terms of municipalities, and internal security forces and prisons," she said.

"We agreed on the need to hold the presidential elections as soon as possible, because many financial and political problems can be resolved," she said, wishing the parliamentary elections will be held on schedule next May.

Separately, Mashnouq met with the coordinator of the United Nations in Lebanon, Sigrid Kaag, and displayed with her the local and regional developments in light of the ongoing contacts about the presidential file.

Source: National News Agency