New GAC MOTOR Showrooms Open in Iraq – Expanding Brand Influence

GUANGZHOU, China, May 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — May has been an exciting and productive month for GAC MOTOR, with a newly completed, custom designed showroom opening in the key overseas market hub of Erbil, Iraq.

The Erbil store opening ceremony took place on May 26th, 2021, marking another on-ground entry of GAC MOTOR into the Iraqi market.

GAC MOTOR has been steadily advancing with its internationalization strategy, and has been integrated within the Iraqi market since 2015. Currently, the Middle East region is GAC MOTOR’s best-performing international sales area, as well as the first overseas market expected to break the 10,000-unit milestone.

Despite unprecedented obstacles present in the Iraqi passenger vehicle market during the global pandemic, GAC MOTOR International has risen to the challenge through cooperating with local dealers, seizing market opportunities. Terminal sales in Iraq had grew 31.6% over the years, where 2021 sales are projected to carry on this trend. Erbil has GAC MOTOR’s first overseas “G” design style showroom, built upon GAC MOTOR’s latest overseas store standards in the capital city of Baghdad, making it one of the most beautiful auto sales and service locations in the Iraq market.

At GAC MOTOR’s opening ceremony, its story was depicted by displaying the various models: the GS3, GS4, GS8, GA4 and GA8. Performances arranged for the ceremony included Special Kurdish and Latin dances and a wonderful Daff performance. Chairman and manager of the Iraqi distributor were interviewed by media and introduced various details of the showroom as well as discussing future sales and service policies. In addition to a classic ribbon-cutting ceremony, local car owners had also shared ways that GAC MOTOR vehicles have enhanced individuals’ lives.

To commemorate the opening, Mr. Zeng He Bin, General manager of GAC MOTOR International expressed, “The completion of the Erbil store in Iraq marks GAC MOTOR’s new stage in operations, it not only further expands brand influence locally, but also reflects our will to explore the market’s potential.”

GAC MOTOR’s slogan: “GO AND CHANGE” highlights the essence of the ceremony. With more locations set to open for business in 2021, join in to celebrate the strides GAC MOTOR is taking towards the future! Bringing the passion for craftsmanship to new markets, and delivering lasting value with research and innovation, GAC MOTOR looks forward to a successful and exciting year.

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