New scandals reveal Erdogan arming al-Qaeda terrorist organization in Syria

Damascus- Scandals of the Turkish regime and the secrets of its close relation with terrorist organizations in Syria, including al-Qaeda, continue to uncover via videos published by Turkish mafia leader, Sadat Bakr, in which he reveals the corruption of those close to the Recep Tayyip Erdogan regime, and their involvement in serious crimes, including the support for terrorism, murder and drug trafficking.

A new video, posted by Bakr, who has close relations with the Turkish regime and was circulated on social media and several media outlets, in which he confirmed the cooperation of Turkish intelligence with the mafia gangs to smuggle weapons and military equipment to terrorist organizations in Syria, particularly Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization under the cover of alleged humanitarian aid, indicating that two of Erdogan supporters are involved in these smuggling operations, in addition to the illegal trafficking in Syria.

Bakr noted that large amounts of weapons and military equipment were sent to Jabhat Nusra organization via the Turkish security company “SADAT” affiliated to Turkish intelligence, where the company headed by retired Turkish brigadier general, Adnan Tanriverdi, carried out these smuggling operations in 2018.

He added that the Director of Administrative Affairs of the Presidency Metin Kiratli, is directly responsible for the illegal trafficking operations carried out by Turkish regime and its mercenaries in Syria.

“I am not talking about bargains of a truck or two, but I am talking about stolen oil, tea, sugar, aluminum, copper, and used cars worth billions of dollars,” as he said.

Bakr have posted series of videos since several months which reveal the scandals of Erdogan and his close circle with terrorist organizations in Syria, corruption operations, political assassinations, drug trafficking and other serious crimes.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)