Saturday, June 6, 2020
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News batch of displaced Syrians en route to Syria

42 displaced Syrians gathered at the Kamel Youssef Jaber Cultural Center in Nabatiyeh in preparation to return home as part of the voluntary and safe return under the supervision of the General Security.

In Tripoli, more precisely from the headquarters of the Rachid Karameh International Exhibition, a new convoy of displaced persons is preparing to take the road back to Syria, and have hailed the efforts of the SG and the Lebanese State for having preserved their rights.

The NNA correspondent reported that Syrian refugees have been leaving for some time as part of their voluntary return to Syria from the Abboudiyeh border crossing.

Earlier this morning, a group of refugees reportedly gathered at Saida Municipal Stadium while the General Security checked their papers and all the equipment they brought back with them to their country.

Source: National News Agency