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Newspapers’ headlines for August 26, 2016

Following are the headlines of some of Lebanon's newspapers for Friday August 26, 2016:

An-nahar: Turkey plans to stay for long period of time inside Syria

Kerry and Lavrov try to revive political process

As-safir: Comprehensive report on Damascus: What's after Jarablus?

Al-Mustaqbal: Washington provides military support.. Moscow very concerned.. Assad regime and Kurdistan Democratic Union denounce

Turkish Euphrates Shield snatches Jarablus from Daesh

Al-Akhbar: Geagea to Aoun supporters: Do not embarrass me

Al-Joumhouriya: Session without FPM

Hariri meets Erdogan and Future responds to "Hezbollah"

The Daily Star: FPM questions Cabinet legitimacy after session

Source: National News Agency