Newspapers Review: Dailies highlight Israel’s latest massacre in Jenin


The three Palestinian Arabic dailies published today, al-Hayat al-Jadida, al-Ayyam, and al-Quds, highlighted the latest Israeli massacre in Jenin refugee camp that resulted in the killing of six Palestinians and injury of others, some seriously. Here are the main headlines of the dailies: Al-Haya al-Jadida: Jenin: Six martyrs, 25 wounded, and a general strike today The President: Palestinian women played a pivotal role in the struggle and change for the better. Abu Rudeineh: The daily killings against our people are an all-out war and destroy everything Al-Sheikh: The occupation has disavowed the agreements concluded through killings, arrests and settlements Melhem: The government has not shirked any agreement or commitment with trade unions and syndicates Amnesty International: Impunity is the norm for perpetrators of settler violence South African Parliament votes to downgrade the level of relations with Israel On the occasion of Women’s Day: Sit-ins in support of female and male prisoners Occupation soldiers and settlers… Exchanging roles in attacking citizens Al-Ayyam: A new massacre by the occupation in Jenin camp: Six martyrs and several injuries, including serious ones Night marches and confrontations denouncing the Jenin camp massacre and supporting the prisoners The President: Palestinian women played a leading role in the struggle Settlers launch new attacks in several areas under the protection of the occupation army Al-Sheikh: The leadership wants guarantees to implement what is agreed upon Washington: Implementation of the Aqaba commitments could help ease tensions Israel: New reserve units join the protests against the weakening of the judiciary Groups of settlers storm Al-Aqsa on the Jewish Purim holiday. Presidency: The daily killings against our people are an all-out war and destroy everything The prisoners call for a day of rage next Friday South African parliament votes to downgrade relations with Israel Al-Quds: Sux martyrs and 26 wounded in Jenin camp The President: The Palestinian woman will remain a partner in the struggle to defend the rights of our people Abu Rudeineh: The daily killings against our people are all-out war and destroy everything Marches and sit-ins in the West Bank and Gaza Strip condemning the occupation massacre in Jenin Approval of three plans to build 700 new settlement units in the south of Jerusalem and in its Old City.


Source: Palestien News & Information Agency