Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Official Warns Kurds of US Greenlight to Ankara to Attack Eastern Euphrates

TEHRAN A senior Kurdish official warned that the US has given a greenlight to Turkey to attack Eastern Euphrates, calling on the Kurds to reach an agreement with the Syrian government as soon as possible.

Head of the Syrian Kurds' National Initiative Omar Ousi told the Arabic-language al-Watan newspaper on Monday that the agreement between Washington and Ankara came amid Turkey's claim that negotiations to create a safe region on Syrian soil have failed, adding that the content of the negotiations between the two sides differs from what has been stated by the Americans and Turks.

He noted that Turkey's threats are very serious and dangerous this time, and said that Turkey's plan in Northern Syria will possibly start soon from Manbij region and then will spread to Ein al-Arab, Ra'as al-Ein and adjacent areas.

Ousi referred to the US attempts to pressure the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to accept Turkey's plan, and said the US has started settlement of differences with Turkey.

He warned the SDF and the Kurdish units that negotiations between the US and Turkey have not failed, and asked the Kurds to stop relying on Washington and restart agreement talks with the Damascus government given the fact that they agreed on 6 issues out of 10 in the two rounds of talks held in the past.

Relevant reports said on Friday that Turkey had established a network for assassinating the commanders and influential figures of the US-backed Kurdish militia in Eastern Syria, Kurdish-language media outlets claimed.

The Kurdish-language Hawar News website quoted some Kurdish figures who have had experience of diplomatic activities in Europe and are now in Northern and Eastern Syria as saying that some of their friends in Europe have informed them that the Turkish government is planning to assassinate them.

They noted that the Turkish government has set up a massive network of mercenaries in a bid to eliminate influential Kurdish military and political figures in Eastern and Northeastern Syria.

Source: Fars News Agency