Tuesday, November 12, 2019
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PAM 13th plenary session wraps up activities with participation of Syria

Belgrade, The 13th Plenary Session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) wrapped up activities in Belgrade, Serbia on Saturday with the participation of a delegation from the Syrian People's Assembly.

During a session for discussing the issue of displaced people and migration, member of the People's Assembly Jamal al-Qaderi clarified that what Syria has experienced of displacement was caused by crimes of terrorists in which several countries and organizations are involved.

He pointing out that helping resolving the issue of displaced Syrians will be through coordination with the Syrian state and the elimination of what is left of terrorism.

During activities of the Third Standing Committee on the Dialogue of Civilizations and Human Rights, al-Qaderi underlined the necessity of coordination between countries of the North and South of the Mediterranean to achieve security and stability, especially after the so-called Arab Spring, which destroyed half of economies of the Arab countries.

The two-day meeting, which involved 43 countries, reviewed a number of draft laws on issues of priority to the Euro-Mediterranean area and the political and security developments in the Middle East region, in addition to draft resolutions on climate change and human rights.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency