Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Patriarch Irinej of Serbia voices confidence over Syria’s victory

Damascus, Patriarch Irinej of Serbia voiced confidence over Syria's victory, which represents the victory of right, hoping that peace would prevail Syria and the world and the Syrian people would hold on to their land and preserve the heritage of their ancestors.

Speaking to SANA, Patriarch Irinej said that the Serbian people are able to realize what has taken place in Syria as Serbia has undergone the same conditions over the past years.

I am so pleased to talk to the good people of Syria and to see the city of beauty and grandeur, Patriarch Irinej.

He expressed happiness to see the love and harmony between the diverse Syrian dominations, which is difficult to see anywhere else.

Patriarch Irinej pointed out to the important role which Damascus has played in history and it will continue to enjoy the same status in spite of the war waged on it.

He expressed regret over attempts by the major powers aiming at imposing more control and influence on the peoples in various parts of the world.

I wonder whether these forces are finding solutions or are causing further aggravation to crises, he said.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency