Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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People of al-Holeh area turn a new page and live the joy of victory over terrorism

Homs, Seven years of torture, suffering and severe pain at the hands of the terrorist organizations finally came to an end; and the people of Kaferlaha, Taldahab and Taldao villages in al-Holeh area in northern countryside of Homs are now living the delightful and comforting joy of victory over terrorism.

Today, the inhabitants of these villages welcomed the Internal Security Forces units which arrived to enhance the security and stability there with positive spirit and hearts full of hope for a better future.

Raising nation flags and chanting national songs and slogans, the people expressed their pride in the heroic achievements of the Syrian army which put an end to their long suffering due to the inhuman and degrading treatment as well as the brutal crimes perpetrated by terrorist groups.

Citizen Mohammed Marwan said that the families experienced great suffering under the siege imposed by terrorist groups which prevented them from living a decent life, expressing hope that the government will do its best to provide them with their basic needs and rehabilitate the damaged infrastructure.

Trying to cope with sorrow and grief over the loss of his loved ones, Ammar Bakkour returned to Tal al-Dahab village after it was totally secured by the Syrian army. Terrorism displaced us from our village. Terrorist groups murdered my father and kidnapped my brother as they refused to join their ranks, he said.

Child Aya Qaddour expressed her happiness to come back to school. I've been deprived of my childhood she said. We could not leave our home. No school or having fun. Only the sound of bullets can be heard as the terrorists used to fire gunshots in order to spread fear and panic. Her voice was soft and almost fragile.

On Saturday, Units of Internal Security Forces entered al-Holeh area after it has been fully cleansed of terrorism in order to help inhabitants get back to their normal life.

Source: Syrian News & Info Agency