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Premier Khamis: The government is ready to provide support and land to any industrialist who wants to set up an industrial facility in Hama

Hama Prime Minister Imad Khamis said that the government is ready to provide all facilitations and customs exemptions with the provision of free land to any industrialist who wishes to establish a factory or industrial facility that contributes to the economic and social development of the province and to find job opportunities provided that it is established immediately.

During a meeting with the representatives of economic and commercial activities at Hama's governorate building, as part of the work tour in Hama province conducted by a governmental delegation headed by the Premier which began on Saturday, Khamis affirmed the government's readiness to meet the all the needs of the industrial and commercial sector in the province and to support it and to secure ways to improve it and increase its contribution in supporting the national economy.

He said that a plan for providing loans from public banks will be implemented by next week, and he also directed the ministers, the Governor of Hama, and the Customs Secretariat to address all problems and challenges facing the industrial and commercial movement immediately.

He pointed out to the need to choose a plot of land for the establishment of an industrial city on the road between Hama and Salamiyeh, expand the current industrial area in the city of Hama, and transfer all handicrafts facilities from inside the city, calling on businessmen to invest in the real estate development area in Wadi al-Jawz as individuals or companies.

The governmental delegation also met a number of religious figures in Salhab city in the countryside of Hama.

Later, Khamis held a meeting with local, administrative, and party figures and People's Assembly members from Mhardeh area, during which he allocated subsidies valued at SYP 1.315 billion for Mhardeh city council, 1 billion of which allocated for the infrastructure of the industrial zone in the area.

The attendees called for establishing a national hospital in Mhardeh along with clinics, as well as establishing a slaughterhouse, preparing the infrastructure of the industrial zone, and other issues related to electricity, sanitations, agriculture, and transport, in addition to calling for facilitating the return of locals to the towns and villages that are liberated from terrorists.

Afterwards, Khamis and the accompanying delegation inspected work at Mhardeh power plant, in addition to visiting the town of Qamhana where they honored the families of martyrs and injured people.

Premier Khamis lays cornerstone of a number of productive projects in Hama

In the framework of his tour in Hama province accompanied by a ministerial delegation, Prime Minister Emad Khamis laid the cornerstone of a project for rehabilitating the facility of Jib Ramleh for cattle breeding and for establishing a dairy factory, a fodder factory and a biomass for energy generation.

Minister of Agriculture Ahmed al-Qadiri said that the total cost of these productive projects is estimated at SYP 1.5 billion.

Minister al-Qadiri indicated that the projects include rehabilitating the facility and improving the production of the cattle in it along with starting the establishment of a dairy factory based on the production of the cattle, and in a later stage establishing a fodder factory to cover the needs of the area.

Premier Khamis and the accompanying delegation also inspected the construction works at Salhab civil voluntary hospital which will be a medical edifice in the area.

The project of Salhab Hospital was supplied with electricity from about a month after the relentless efforts and initiatives in this regard by governmental and civil bodies.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency