President al-Assad receives Russian Deputy Prime Minister.. Expanding economic cooperation in industry, energy and sophisticated technologies

Damascus- President Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday received Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov, who is heading a governmental and economic delegation on a visit to Syria.


During the meeting, the two sides discussed the standing bilateral cooperation, particularly on the economic and investment levels, as well as the joint efforts to expand it to include additional domains, especially cooperation in the fields of energy, sophisticated technologies, industry and agriculture.


The two sides affirmed that the dynamism, that characterizes the relations between the two countries, gives flexibility to perpetually and continuously expand prospects of cooperation.


President al-Assad expressed his satisfaction over the advanced level that cooperation between the two countries has reached, expressing Syria’s keenness on making the Syrian-Russian joint investments a success which play a key role in the continuation and consolidation of the joint cooperation and serve the interests of the two friendly people.


President al-Assad also stressed the importance of continuing consultation and coordination with the Russian allies who have been the partners of the Syrians in addressing terrorism and stood by them politically and economically to help them in restoring security and stability and to overcome the impacts of the economic terrorism imposed on the Syrian citizen.




For his part, Borisov congratulated President al-Assad on winning the presidential elections and the Syrian people on the success in fulfilling the presidential entitlement.


He pointed out that the wide popular participation in this entitlement confirmed the will and determination of the Syrian people on steadfastness and challenge despite off all the terrorism and siege they were subjected to.


The Russian Diplomat affirmed the Syrian-Russian distinguished relations, expressing his country constant readiness to provide support to Syria in all fields, in a way that contributes to alleviating the burdens resulting from the unjust economic sanctions imposed on it and participating in the reconstruction.




He also expressed his country’s intention to supply additional batches of the Covid-19 vaccine to Syria.


Borisov also briefed in President al-Assad on the summit that brought together Russian President Vladimir Putin and American Joe Biden, particularly with regard to the Syrian affair, reiterating Russia principled stance based on international legitimacy, adherence to international law, respect of sovereignty of states and non-interference in their internal affairs.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)

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