Friday, December 13, 2019


President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, on Monday affirmed the need to return to carry the slogan of the most fundamental issue in the region, which is the Palestinian cause.

He stepped up calls for more alertness countering Israeli plans, which aim to impose solutions on Arab countries through the so-called deal of the century.

Israel believes that the current conditions are conducive to achieving its objectives, especially in light of the rampant disintegration among Arab countries, Aoun maintained.

The President made his remarks during a meeting with the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Lebanese Armed Forces Association, Major General Othman Othman, with a delegation of participants in the Arab Union Conference of Veterans and Victims of War.

President Aoun expressed hope that "success will be the title of the conference because its subject affects everyone who participates in it."

He told the members of the delegation that the most important thing was to reach common grounds. The war has made us lose millions, especially in the current period where various Arab countries disagree with each other, and in light of the struggle for influence among the great powers of the region, the President explained.

On the other hand, President Aoun said that the UN General Assembly was scheduled to vote this evening in New York for Lebanon's request to establish the "The Humanitarian Academy for Dialogue" based in Beirut.

This is a historic event and an achievement to be recorded in favor of the homeland of coexistence, which seeks to establish a culture of peace and understanding among different peoples, Aoun said.

President Aoun separately met with a student delegation from Stanford Graduate School of Business in the United States.

In response to a question, the President pointed out that one of the most important challenges facing Lebanon was the burden of Syrian refugee crisis, especially on the social and economic levels.

We are trying to find harmony between our different priorities, (...) especially in terms of creating jobs for young people through economic prosperity, Aoun told his visitors.

On another level, Lebanese-Australian relations were the focus of discussions between President Aoun and the former Prime Minister of the Australian state of Victoria Mr. Steve Bracks, who is of Lebanese origin, who visited Baabda Palace accompanied by Vice President John Twits and President of the Lebanese-Australian Chamber of Commerce in Victoria, Honorary Consul of Lebanon Mr. Fadi Zouki and Mr. Christopher Sherwood.

Bracks conveyed to President Aoun the greetings of the Lebanese community in the Australian state of Victoria and their desire to enhance cooperation with Lebanon in all fields, especially on the economic and commercial levels.

There are many opportunities for Australian businessmen and people of Lebanese descent," Bracks said, stressing that "Australia stands by Lebanon in regional and international forums."

In turn, Aoun welcomed Bracks and his accompanying delegation, stressing the strong relations between Lebanon and Australia and the keenness to strengthen them.

Work is under way to facilitate the travel of Australians and people of Lebanese descent to Lebanon through the establishment of a direct Middle East Airlines flight between Sydney and Beirut, Aoun said, noting that the air route between Beirut and Madrid, which was introduced almost two years ago, is witnessing a heavy travel movement of Lebanese people in Latin American countries.

Source: National News Agency