Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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President Aoun welcomes Murrison: Lebanon can be platform for British companies in the region

President Michel Aoun, said that "the signing of the Lebanese-British partnership agreement last month would strengthen cooperation between Lebanon and the United Kingdom and develop ties in all fields."

In a meeting with British Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and International Development, Andrew Murrison, President Aoun expressed "Lebanon's gratitude for Britain's support to the Lebanese Armed Forces, especially in the construction of the watchtowers on the eastern and northern borders, which helps control the Lebanese border with Syria and contributes to the downsizing of smuggling into the Lebanese territory."

"Lebanon attaches great importance to the return of displaced Syrians to their country," Aoun told his host, noting that "the voluntary and safe return that has been achieved so far from Lebanon has involved 276,000 displaced people who have been repatriated. Lebanon has not yet received any complaint about malicious practices being suffered by those displaced since their return."

President Aoun discussed with the British minister the latest developments in the region and the military developments on the Syrian-Turkish border, stressing their negative repercussions on the unity of Syria on the one hand, and the situation of the displaced on the other.

The meeting also touched on the economic situation in Lebanon, where Aoun pointed out that "Lebanon could be a platform for British companies in the region in the services and technology sectors, in addition to the opportunities available for investment and for benefitting from the Cedre program."

Murrison, in turn, affirmed his country's interest in "strengthening cooperation with Lebanon and continuing to support the Lebanese army, next to following up on the development of economic conditions," noting that he visited the northern border and met with one of the regiments of the Lebanese army, praising "the LAF capabilities, skills and impulse in defending their land."

Murrison also underlined "the sacrifices Lebanon is making in its care for the displaced Syrians on its territory."

Source: National News Agency