Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Presidential directives issued to link curricula to labor market’s requirements

Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli said Sunday the government is striving to implement presidential directives to link education curricula to the labor market’s requirements at the local or international levels and enhance skills among young people.


The Ministry of Education and Technical Education has already begun to develop educational curricula respectively, Madbouli told a high-level meeting.


The meeting grouped Education Minister Tarek Shawqi, advisor to the minister for educational evaluation Dina Borie, Director of the National Curriculum Development Center Nawal Shalaby, and representatives for international companies participating in the development project.


The new curricula of the early school stages aim to enhance opportunities to put young people on the path towards developing personality and future skills, the prime minister said.


The Egyptian state has adopted the national development project to prepare a new vision for the whole educational community, he added.


We aim to help students be more interested in learning and innovation, the prime minister said.


In turn, Education Minister Tarek Shawqi reviewed efforts made in developing educational curricula since 2017, where the National Curriculum Development Center has developed curricula for kindergarten and first grade up to the fourth grade of primary school, within a vision based on sequencing and scientific accumulation, and in line with international standards.


This is done in cooperation with experts and international partners, especially the World Bank and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Shawqi said.


Egypt now has a regional center for curriculum development that also serves the needs of friendly countries, he added.


Source: State Information Service Egypt