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Punyalan Agarbattis is an elephantine saga

Recycling waste products might be something we should all be doing, but recycling animal dung, in this case, that of elephants, into something as fragrant as incense sticks is indeed novel.

That’s what Joy Thakkolkaran, a young Thrissur-based entrepreneur comes up with. Calling his new business venture Punyalan Agarbattis, Joy dreams of the day when he will court fame and success.

“Joy thinks its USP is good mosquito repellent properties,” says Ranjith Sankar, scriptwriter and director of the Malayalam film Punyalan Agarbattis, out on Thursday in the UAE. This is Shankar’s fourth film, his last one being the Revathy-Prithviraj starrer, Molly Aunty Rocks.

Jayasurya plays Joy and Dubai-based RJ Nyla Usha is his onscreen wife, Anu.

Joy encounters several roadblocks. To begin with: sourcing raw material, elephant dung to be precise. He struggles with elephant owners and a court case against the temple board authorities, who refuse to hand over elephant dung to a Christian.

When the eventful day approaches, Joy encounters an unforeseen hurdle in the form of a strike.

Other members of the cast include Aju Verghese, Innocent and Rachna Narayanakutty.