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Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid back in Dubai

Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid are one of the Philippines’ entertainment power couples, and in this land of superlatives, Filipino expatriates can expect no less than a great performance from their top performing artists.

Prolific singer-songwriter Alcasid and Velasquez — known in her home country, which often gives nicknames to its most successful performers, as Asia’s Songbird — perform on March 27 at Dubai’s Emirates Golf Club. The last time they performed together in Dubai, in 2010, they were Philippine showbiz’s most intriguing singing love birds. Now they’re back — officially as husband and wife — and still the country’s hottest vocal pair.

“We’re very excited,” said Velasquez in a phone interview with tabloid!. “The show was scheduled for last year, unfortunately it didn’t push through. Finally it will happen and I’m so happy that I’ll be performing with my husband.”

She adds: “We are very excited to be back. I’m personally happy to perform for all the fans there. Most of them are sending tweets to me that they are very excited to see us. I hope they can all come and see because it will surely be a good show.”

As to what their fans can expect during their show, Velasquez says: “Of course a lot of laughter, because that’s what we want to do, to bring happiness to our kababayan [compatriots]. Plus we will be performing as a married couple. The last time we went there we were still lovers — so it’s a different dynamic. Of course, lots of singing — we have prepared a lot of songs and hopefully the viewers will like it.”

Velasquez also tells tabloid! Dubai is an unforgettable place for both of them. “I find Dubai memorable because I’ve performed there with Ogie. Every time we travel, I always have fun with him. So this time, it will be more relaxed because we are already a couple. [The last time we were there] we were still in the courting stage — nagliligawan pa.”

Asked about her secrets for her long career, Velasquez says, “I’m so thankful that my fans are still there supporting me all these years. I do try to give them something new every time I perform, but even that is not an assurance that the fans will stay and support you. I just really do my best to make each performance memorable for them.”

Velasquez is now busy with an upcoming project after releasing a new album this year. “It’s been a long time that I didn’t have an album so this year I have a new one titled Hulog ng Langit [Sent from Heaven]. Definitely the audience will also hear the songs of my new album during our show in Dubai.

“For movie projects, I don’t know yet. So far I don’t have any offer. But you can watch me on television. It’s not final yet, but definitely you can watch me in a teleserye [television soap opera] on GMA.”

Being a celebrity couple has its challenges, but Velasquez says it’s just a matter of time management. “Actually, I thought it will be hard, but it’s not. We really just need to give time for each other, especially now that we have a child. Ogie is really busy, but he always spends time with Nate and me. For both us, it’s easy because until now we go out on dates. As a couple, you really have to do that to strengthen your relationship.

“Sometimes, we tend to take for granted our partner, especially if you already have kids. It’s very important to spend time together as couple and that’s what we do. Ogie really loves to go on a date with me.”

Despite her busy schedule, the past month has been emotionally tough for Velasquez after her father Gerardo, fondly known as Mang Gerry in showbiz, died. Velasquez was very close to her father and she says she’s coping with the loss. “I miss him every day. Sometimes I forget that he is already gone — then I would suddenly realise, ‘oh, he is already gone’. Life must go on. I have my family so it’s not good if I’ll get stuck in that situation — get emotional and be depressed. Besides, God has given us time to be with him. So it’s OK, he is now resting and I’m sure he is happy where he is now.”