Monday, January 20, 2020
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Riachy at Arab Information Ministers’ meeting: Lebanon overwhelmed by crises

Minister of Information, Melhem Riachy, said on Wednesday that Lebanon was no longer capable of tolerating the growing burdens at the internal scene, adding that the suggested solutions to resolve the growing crises were not enough to lift the pressure off the country.

The Minister's words came within the context of Lebanon's word at the 48th Arab Information Ministers' meeting currently taking place in Cairo.

Riachy feared that the prevailing situation in Lebanon would threaten the relationship between Syrian guests and Lebanese hosts, especially that the nation's frail structure currently faces a grave danger.

"Economy is weak, security is shaken, and tourism is a matter of heroic Lebanese efforts to restore confidence in Lebanese villages and cities. As for legitimacy, it struggles to uphold its right to monopolize weapons on its soil, as in any other country," Riachy said in a brief introduction about the nations' sufferings.

"We are facing real crises that require the support of the Arab League -- a real support to confront them," the Minister said.

Touching on the media's leading role in shaping public opinion, Riachy explained that he was working on replacing the Ministry of Information with one of Communication and Dialogue.

"I call on all of you to follow a similar approach that consolidates the concepts of communication and dialogue, and I call on the Arab League to encourage such an option," he said.

The Minister finally called on his counterparts to work together on a joint media project that would be initiated and supervised by the Arab League.

He also suggested setting up an Arab ministerial committee for this purpose."Such an approach could portray the real image of the region, opposite to the one that's being promoted by extremism," he added.

Source: National News Agency