Riachy’s representative at solidarity meeting with Samir Kassab in Hardin: We cannot but stand in solidarity with his family and friends, and work hard to unveil his fate


The Municipality of Hardin-Beit Kassab organized Sunday a solidarity meeting with Photographer Samir Kassab, who was kidnapped five years ago in Syria. The encounter was held under the patronage of Caretaker Information Minister Melhem Riachy represented by Attorney Emile Geagea, and in the presence of Strong Republic Bloc Member, MP Fadi Saad, and Public Security Director-General's representative, Colonel Khattar Nasreddine, alongside several prominent dignitaries.

In his word on behalf of Minister Riachy, Geagea voiced support to the kidnapped photographer's case, saying, "We cannot but stand in solidarity with his family and friends, and exert utmost efforts to unveil his fate."

"We all know that the profession of journalism and press photography is the profession of risk and trouble, the profession of working on the front lines with the fighters so that the viewer can know the truth and see the events...In return, however, it is our responsibility as a state to protect these journalists physically and morally and to keep them safe from all dangers," Geagea underscored.

He hoped for a near end of the Syrian war and full clarity of vision so that the whereabouts of Kassab, along with other missing and kidnapped Lebanese by terrorist organizations and other influential forces on Syrian territory, would be unveiled.

It is to note that the Kassab Family received a letter from Baabda Presidential Palace, expressing the President of the Republic's full solidarity with their cause and his sincerest wishes for strong faith, patience and strength until the fate of their dear son is unveiled, hoping that the exerted efforts in this respect would yield a fruitful outcome.

Source: National News Agency