Tuesday, December 10, 2019
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Road cleaning campaign launched within vicinity of Akkar

The Municipality of Akkar valley on Monday launched a cleaning campaign along the international highway which connects Lebanon to Syria through Al Obeidiya crossing, which had been bogged down in different kinds of trash on both of its sides.

The campaign was observed by the Vice-President of Akkar municipalities union, president of Haisa Municipality, Mohammad al Moala, President of Talhayat municipality, Khaled Khaled, and Taalbas Municiplity head, Mohsen Saleh.

The campaign has kicked off at Al-Kina tree forest along the public road between both municipalities of Eastern Taalbas and Talbira, where cleaning teams are collecting thrown garbage between trees and on the side of the road, then trasporting it to another place for recycling.

The campaign, which started on Moday, July 16, will continue for several days and will include most of the public roads in the vicinity of Akkar Municiplaities Union.

Source: National News Agency