Russia accuses US journalists of ‘coordinated’ Nord Stream fake news push


Russia on Friday accused American journalists close to the Biden administration of 'deliberately' spreading fake news about last year's Nord Stream blasts.

In a statement, the Russian Embassy in the US decried the 'constant coordinated flow of disinformation' regarding the Sept. 26 'terrorist attacks' on the pipelines that carried Russian gas to northern Germany via the Baltic Sea.

US mainstream media 'deliberately continues to promote fake theories about the destruction of the critical energy infrastructure in the Baltic Sea,' the embassy said.

'Once again, 'fantastic' scenarios about some individuals who managed to carry out such a complex sabotage on some rented 'yacht' are being unfolded,' read the statement.

'Although any reasonable person understands that preparation and execution of such a terrorist attack is only within the power of certain states possessing specific technologies.'

This concerted drive is an attempt to cover up important details and mislead people about the real perpetrators, the statement said.

'The purpose of this information campaign is obviously aimed at diverting the readers' attention from the resonant investigation by the well-known publicist Seymour Hersh, which is 'toxic' for Western capitals,' read the statement.

'What is it, if not an attempt to 'cover up' the sponsors and executors of the sabotage, as a result of which not only Nord Stream, but also mutually beneficial energy ties between Russia and Europe have been undermined. In the end, ordinary Europeans are the ones who suffer.'

Labeling the attacks the 'crime of the century,' the embassy said American journalists who 'are really interested in establishing the true circumstances and those who arranged this' should pay more attention to Russia's calls for an international probe.

'No matter how keenly our ill-wishers try to hide the truth, it will still prevail. There is simply no other way,' the statement said.

'We will make every effort for this to happen. We also call on the US journalists to investigate this matter diligently.'

Source: Anadolu Agency