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Russian Ambassador visits Bassil, says war between Israel and Resistance far fetched

Caretaker Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gebran Bassil, welcomed on Monday Russian Ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Zasypkin, who ruled out a war between Israel and the Resistance in Lebanon.

During the visit, Zasypkin informed Bassil about some of the Russian steps in Syria en route to the normalization of the situation at the levels of security, politics, reconstruction, as well as the complete elimination of terrorism, and the return of refugees to their homeland.

We have reaffirmed the need for cohesion and coexistence amongst the peoples of the world, as well as the need to provide all with equal security. In these circumstances, we must exert unyielding efforts to thrash-out disagreements and reach conflict resolutions, the Russian diplomat said.

Asked how he evaluated the agreement that was made between the Ministry of Energy and the Russian company "Rosneft" to expand the oil facilities in Tripoli, the diplomat said, This contract is very good. It is economically important for Lebanon. It has to be implemented. We are pleased with the Russian participation, which is a partner in this great project."

As for Russia's new strategic vision in the region, Zasypkin said, We want to develop cooperation with Lebanon in all fields, especially in the energy field, and this is under constant discussion with the Lebanese government."

Asked whether Russia was worried about a war between Israel and the Resistance after Israel's strikes on Syria and in light of Israel's tunnel allegations, he said: "We are always calling for calm, and I do not think there is a possibility for this war to happen."

Separately, Bassil welcomed the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Serbia, Branislav Nedimovic, who visited him with an accompanying delegation.

The Serbian delegation will also visit the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture to sign an agreement on agricultural cooperation between the ministers of agriculture of the two countries.

For his part, the Serbian minister thanked Lebanon for its support to Serbia at the international level, especially in the country's battle to preserve the integrity of its territories.

"Last November, we started talks with the Lebanese government on cooperation in the field of agriculture during the visit of Minister Bassil to Belgrade, and tomorrow we will sign the agreement," Nedimovic said.

I hope that the number of tourists will double between the two countries, especially since the distance between Lebanon and Serbia does not exceed two and a half hours by plane, he added.

Source: National News Agency