Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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Sabbagh: Syria fights terrorism on behalf of the world

Damascus, Speaker of the people's Assembly, Hammoudah Sabbagh, said on Thursday that the Syrian people are determined to eliminate terrorism, adding that enemies of Syria had imposed coercive, economic measures on the country after they failed to carry out their plots here.

Sabbagh, meeting a delegation from the French National Gathering, headed by Terry Mariani, a member at the European Parliament, underlined that Syria fights terrorism, not only in defense of itself, but Syria fights terrorism on behalf of the peoples of the world.

He condemned the western support to terrorism, at the same time, some of them claim they combat it, calling on members of the delegation to convey the real image on what is going on in the country.

Mariani, for his part, said the aim of the visit is to know the latest developments in Syria and to convey what is really happening to the French public opinion.

He saw that the government of France was mistaken in dealing with the events in Syria since 2011.

Mariani told reporters that he is confident Syria will go ahead in its success and victories over terrorism and the conditions will be better.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency