Sunday, May 31, 2020
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Safronkov: Turkey’s violations of Syria’s borders must be stopped

New York, - Russia's Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Vladimir Safronkov asserted that Turkey's violations of the Syrian borders and the continuous influx of terrorists from the Turkish territories to Syria undermine the efforts to reach a political settlement to the crisis in Syria.

Safronkov's statements came after a consultation session in the United Nations Security Council on Thursday discussing the situation on the Syrian-Turkish border at Russia's request focusing on Ankara's construction of a concrete wall with machine guns and barbed wire on the territory of the neighboring country.

The Russian official told reporters that "during the discussion Russia's delegation cited particular facts concerning the actions of Turkey's authorities providing support for the militants in Syria."

"Upon our initiative consultations were held on Turkey's illegal construction of a wall on Syria's territory. We presented specific facts. We stressed that Turkey's activity undermines the efforts on settlement in Syria and first of all in the context of the Russian-American cooperation as a flow of militants goes steadily through the Turkish border," Safronkov added.

He said Russia expected the Security Council to pressure Turkey to put an end to other cases of "Ankara's violation of sovereignty of countries in the region, including sending troops to Iraq without Baghdad's agreement."

"It's time to stop this malpractice of violating sovereignty and territorial integrity," Safronkov stressed.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency