Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Saif Ali Khan won’t object if daughter wants to act

Actor Saif Ali Khan says he has no objection if his daughter Sara wants to join the film industry, provided she completes her education.

Khan married actress Amrita Singh in 1991 and they have two children – daughter Sara and a son. After thirteen years of marriage the couple divorced in 2004.

Sara was noticed when she posed on the cover of a magazine alongside mother Amrita and also when she made her ramp debut for designers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla.

There were reports that the teenager has been flooded with film offers since then.

“She is in America in college in Colombia University. She will have a degree and then she is free to choose whatever she wants to do. She can live and work anywhere in the world, she can come back here and join films, or become a lawyer. It is up to her,” Khan said.

“I think it is better to concentrate on education and have some backing. What if you are not successful as an actor? Then you will be stuck with no job also. Though you get lot of things, there is a lot of pressure. It is not a normal life as an actor as you don’t have time for little things in life. I am ok with it, but I think college degree is important,” he added.

His daughter is his weakness, he concedes. “She is my friend and my weakness too,” he says.

He also keeps giving his children fatherly advise.

“One should put priorities in right place. My main thing is to go to college and then figure out what you want next. Another thing is to marry the right person or don’t get married. These are things that can affect your life, if you get these things right then rest is fine,” he added.