Thursday, January 23, 2020
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Sarraf, Tueni follow up on storm aftermath in Akkar

Caretaker Minister of National Defense, Yacoub Sarraf, and Caretaker Minister of State for Combating Corruption, Nicolas Tueni, on Thursday followed up on the aftermath of the ferocious winter storm, "Norma" that wreaked havoc in many Lebanese regions.

"We express solidarity and support to our people in Akkar in the wake of the colossal damage that has been left behind by the storm that hit Lebanon within the last few days, especially in areas that have been isolated by floods," a statement issued in the wake of the meeting read.

"We call on the competent authorities to intervene and to take the necessary measures to find a radical and appropriate solution to prevent the recurrence of this disaster," the statement said, warning of a similar storm that is expected to hit Lebanon on Sunday, according to the meteorology department in Lebanon.

"We also request, after a full survey of the losses and damages, full and swift compensation to inflicted citizens," the statement added.

Furthermore, both Ministers said that the dire humanitarian situation endured by Syrian refugees under the prevailing weather conditions in Lebanon was a clear evidence of the failure of international organizations to aptly handle this situation.

The statement concluded by heaping praise on the efforts that had been exerted by the Lebanese Army, the Red Cross, and the Civil Defense, who offered full support to all those who have been affected by the storm.

Source: National News Agency