Thursday, December 12, 2019
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Saudi nonoil exports up 9.2% to SR19.9bn

Saudi nonoil exports rose by 9.2 percent to reach SR19.93 billion in December 2013 compared to the figures of the same period last year, according to a report released by the Central Department of Statistics and Information (CDSI).
The CDSI report stated that imports dropped by 6.5 percent to SR49.15 billion in the comparable periods.
Exports of chemical products ranked first capturing 32.33 percent of total nonoil exports at the value of SR6.44 billion, followed by plastic products (32.33 percent) at SR6.44 billion and transport equipment (12.80 percent ), the report said.
Machines and electric equipment topped highest value of Saudi imports during December at SR12.64 billion, capturing 25.72 percent of total imports, followed by transport equipment at SR9.51 billion (19.35 percent), minerals and their products at SR5.59 billion (11.37 percent), according to the report.
In December, China ranked first for countries mostly receiving Saudi nonoil exports by 15.57 percent of total exports, followed by the UAE and Singapore by 12.56 percent and 6.88 percent, respectively, the report said.
As regards Saudi imports, the United States ranked first among countries exporting goods to the Kingdom in December at 13.84 percent of total imports, followed by China and Germany at 12.72 percent and 6.74 percent, respectively, according to the report.