Monday, December 9, 2019
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Saudi-Singaporean JV banks on flagship product

The Mawj Telecom and TreeBox Solutions — the first Saudi-Singaporean joint venture firm — will launch its first flagship project and is hoping to generate $75 million from expected 1.5 million customers.
“The Mawj-OnTalk is a secure mobile communications solution that provides secure means for users to conduct voice calls, instant messaging and attachments via mobile devices,” said Sheikh Abdullah Zaid Al-Meleihi, Mawj Telecom chairman.
“With the exponential growth in both mobile devices as well as in mobile data usage, we see exciting opportunities and strong demand for secure communications in MENA markets,” he said.
Chong Chee Wah, CEO founder and CEO of TreeBox Solutions, said: “We believe the strong partnership with Mawj Telecom will help deliver the best solutions for customers in Saudi Arabia and other MENA markets.”
He said: “With our useable security design concept, we have married the strongest security with usability providing our customers with the bets of both worlds. We are confident that Mawj-OnTalk will be leading a secure solution in MENA.”
A true Enterprise Class Solution, Mawj-On Talk facilitates opportunities for enterprises, he added.
“The board of directors can use Mawj-On Talk as a private board communications portal to secure sensitive business discussions,” he said.
“Moreover, it allows enterprises to manage and control sensitive business contacts via the Real Time Contact List. Even if employees leave the company, Maw-On Talk ensures that enterprises will not lose business contacts,” he added.
With high security design and ease of use, military and law enforcement agencies can rely on Mawj-On Talk to protect their communications, he said.
“Deployment allows the agencies to have full control and assurance of the overall system,” he said.
Mawj Talecom specializes in Telco and mobile vertical and provides solutions, management consulting in mobile banking, mobile security, mobile commerce and target big-data system.