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Sculptor Nizar Ali Badr’s impressive artworks reflect suffering of Syrian people in war

Lattakia- Stories about the homeland - Syria, the suffering and steadfastness of its people over six years of war, the return of human values of love, family and home, and hopes of revival and restoration were among others highlighted by the artworks of the Syrian Sculptor Nizar Ali Badr.

Through a large collection of sculptures and stone formations of different size, shape and color texture showcased in his exhibition currently held in Lattakia National Museum under the patronage of the Tourism Ministry, Badr presented insights on the Syrian society with all its spectrums, and shed light on its grief and pain.

In more than 25,000 artworks, the majority of which have been photographed to be archived, the sculpture documented different stages of the war on Syria, the loss of beloved ones, the forced migration and the suffering.

In a statement to SANA, Sculptor Badr talked about that sacred place which is the source of his inspirations, Mount Zaphon (Sapan or Jebel el-Aqra), about 60 kilometers from the city of Lattakia. It is where he collected thousands of beautiful colorful small rocks, stones and pebbles and transported them to his workplace on the roof of his house in the northern suburb.

The themes find their way to my work as I divide stones into groups, clean them and start to create shapes, he added.

Badr underlined the artists' key role in defending the homeland, conveying a message of peace and amity, and transmitting the pain of the Syrian people, particularly the poor, and their bravery in confronting the conspiracy which targets their presence and civilization.

On the exhibition, Badr said that the exhibition included presenting a documentary film by an Italian director who admired his artworks and made the movie using more than 120 sculptures accompanied by an awesome soundtrack which captured the essence of his art pieces.

Badr noted that he always organizes workshops with the aim of sharing his experience and spreading the stone formation art amid Syrian children.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency