Monday, September 16, 2019
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Sculpture.. Magnificent way to express yourself, says Oula Hilal

Damascus - A close look at the artworks of Sculptor Oula Hilal reveals a combination of creativity, passion, high sensitivity and magic in creating vivid pieces sewn by the threads of reality and dreams.

Traveling back into the past, Hilal said "I started making sculptures as a hobby and participated in several vanguard art competitions. Later on, I went to the Fine Arts Faculty in order to develop my academic skills in sculpture specialization and present my own artistic vision."

She noted that she has found sculptures to be a magnificent way to reveal her ideas, emotions and inner feelings whatever the materials from which they are made whether clay, stone or wood.

The natural world is a source of inspiration for many artists whose responsibility is to bring forth beauty and document what is taking place around, said Hilal, noting that the crisis in Syria has great influence on her art crafts, particularly her last participation in the Wood Carving Forum held in Tartous where she presented a wood piece entitled "Power and Hope" expressing her hope for better future despite the pain.

She underlined the significant role of art in confronting terrorism, adding that the continuity of plastic art movement confirms this fact, stressing the need for providing necessary support to organize artistic workshops, exhibitions and forums.

Hilal highlighted the importance of sculpture forums which sought to enrich cultural and artistic movement, exchange expertise and create dialogue across the works of sculptors of different generations.

Oula Hilal holds a certificate in Sculpture Specialization from the Fine Arts Faculty and an Educational Qualification Diploma from the Faculty of Education at Damascus University. She participated in collective exhibitions, sculpture forums and artistic workshops in Syria.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency