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Shaikh Mohammad to sponsor Green Economy conference

Dubai: The UAE will host the first global conference on the UN Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) from 4th-5th March 2014, under the aegis of His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.

The conference will be an opportunity to review the progress on implementing the Green Economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication following Rio+20, and also a chance to consider how greener economies can contribute to the emerging post-2015 development agenda and new global architecture for sustainability. Moreover, the conference will explore the context of the social benefits of transitioning to inclusive, environmentally friendly and resource-efficient green economies.

Dr Rashid Ahmad Bin Fahd, Minister of Environment and Water, said the sponsorship of PAGE by Shaikh Mohammad reflects interest of the leadership in supporting and adopting the green economy worldwide, referring to the UAE’s efforts in adopting the green economy to achieve the sustainable development nationwide.

He added that the green economy has been incorporated in many developmental projects such as construction, energy, renewable energy, industry, water and others.

The UAE minister said the conference aims to review the progress made in the implementation of the green economy, citing the socioeconomic benefits of transition into the comprehensive green economy.

The inaugural PAGE conference under the patronage of Shaikh Mohammad demonstrates the UAE’s commitment to support and promote the adoption of the Green Economy at the international level. At the national level, the UAE Government is also advancing its green economy plans through its Ministry of Environment and Water, which is developing a road map and policy recommendations for the UAE Green Growth Strategy announced on January 2012 under the slogan “Green Economy for Sustainable Development”.

In addition, the UAE, in close collaboration with the PAGE partners, will invite high-level government representatives and policymakers to take part in the meeting, and has generously offered to fund up to 100 participants from low-income countries.

The PAGE partnership was launched earlier this year in response to country-led demand for support and training on how to implement green economy policies and best practices. The Rio+20 declaration,