Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Sharia Council urges political powers to elect president

The Higher Islamic Sharia Council held its regular meeting on Saturday, presided over by Grand Mufti Abdulateef Deryan, then issued a statement tackling domestic and regional matters.

The statement said that all Lebanese should be involved in preserving their country and saving it from collapse. It lauded the efforts of former PM Saad Hariri to elect a president, dubbing his actions as "patriotic par excellence."

"Political powers must cooperate so that the ambitions and hopes of the Lebanese are fulfilled," read the statement, urging the election of a president so that other Constitutional deadlines were met.

Shifting to regional matters, the statement censured the "systematic destruction of Aleppo," noting that the Syrian people were paying a hefty price for a vicious war manipulated by foreign powers for regional and international goals.

"We see a new map that targets the stability of not only Syria, but the entire Middle East and particularly the Arab region."

The Council's statement warned against the repercussions of the recently decreed JASTA law, which could jeopardise Saudi-US relations.

The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, better known as JASTA, allowed plaintiffs to sue countries known to have sponsored terrorist acts for compensatory damages. Many of the bill's supporters had pitched JASTA as a sue Saudi Arabia bill, based on their insistent belief that Saudi Arabia was behind the Sept. 11 attacks.

The Council noted that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia suffered from terrorist acts against its people and was actively involved in the fight against terrorism.

Source: National News Agency