Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Sharjah students treat Samoa to a haka welcome

Dubai: Victoria International School Sharjah (VISS) students performed a traditional Samoan haka to welcome the Samoan national rugby sevens team to their school on Tuesday.

Class 3F welcomed the Emirates Dubai Rugby Sevens defending champions before they started a training session on their school field. The youngsters also took part in rugby workshops led by the stars.

“Most of the players have kids and I could see watery eyes as it reminded them of home,” said Samoan coach Viliamu Punivalu.

“Hopefully what they saw today will touch them in their hearts in times of need and, when the game gets tough, they will reach inside and remember their families.”

School principal Dr Roderick Crouch said the sessions were in keeping with the school’s ethos.

“We put a lot of emphasis on helping kids develop a healthy heart, body and mind and having the Samoan team here is a great example for them. You learn so much from sport: perseverance, dedication, teamwork and goal-setting. All are applicable in life and they all come home in sport,” he said.

“Education is not just about sitting in rows cramming information in your head.”