Saturday, January 18, 2020
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Sharp differences among “opposition” delegation

Geneva-A source inside the Riyadh Opposition delegation to the intra-Syrian dialogue in Geneva revealed that sharp differences emerged inside the delegation due to the continued wrangling and fighting for gains and private interests offered by their operators.

RT website correspondent in Geneva quoted the source as saying that those differences are due to several reasons, mainly the delegation is operated by three figures, while the role of the others is not important.

The source noted that there are other differences over the possibility of combining the delegations of the platforms of Cairo and Moscow to form a unified delegation of the opposition groups, saying this idea was sharply opposed by the delegation's leaders.

Meanwhile, the so-called military factions announced suspending their participation in the main negotiation delegation of the opposition due to the absence of clearness of decision-making process [inside the delegation] and lack of negotiations strategy, as well as the relations between the Higher Negotiations Committee (HNC) and the negotiation delegation, which doesn't fit their interests.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency