Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Shreya Ghoshal launches her first ghazal album

Shreya Ghoshal, who turned 30 on Wednesday, is taking a new step in her career with the launch of her first non-film ghazal album Humnasheen.

Ghoshal is glad that she chose ghazals (genre of Indian classical music) to transit to non-film work. “I have been a fan of ghazals, but I had never thought I would take it up as my first step into the non-film world. But now that I have done it, I am happy that this was the step I took first, doing something which is equivalent to good poetry and soulfulness,” Ghoshal said in Mumbai at the album launch on Tuesday.

Ghoshal says ghazals give her a chance to do something she can’t do in films. “Urdu poetry has its own charm and impact. I can’t do raaga-based singing in films. I don’t even expect that to happen in films,” she said.

Ghoshal is a Bengali, but she has worked hard on her Hindi and Urdu diction. She has thanked all those who have helped her.

“Diction needs to be very clear. I am a Bengali, but I was brought up in Rajasthan and that’s why my Hindi is good.

“My tilt towards Urdu happened only after I entered the film industry. There are so many talented lyricists and composers from whom I learn something everyday. I have learnt music from Kalyanji [composer] and he also told me how important diction is.

“Now when I hear old songs of Lata-ji [Mangeshkar] and [Mohammad] Rafi saab, I can see how particular they were to ensure that the words were clear and beautifully pronounced,” she added.

Ghoshal started her career with regional music albums and devotional songs. She was only 16 when she recorded her first song Bairi piya for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Devdas.