Tuesday, November 19, 2019
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Sila Shoes Expo opens with participation of 150 Syrian, Arab and foreign companies

Damascus, With the participation of more than 150 Syrian, Arab and foreign specialized companies in the leather and footwear industry, the 8th edition of Sila Shoes Expo kicked off at Damascus Fairground.

The four-day expo, organized by Arab Federation of Leather Industries in cooperation with Ministry of Industry, displays a wide variety of shoes, bags, clothes and the requirements of manufacturing them and the services related to these industries.

The Expo, held with participation of Indian, Iranian, Ethiopian, Chinese, Lebanese, Iraqi and Jordanian companies, is considered a significant gate for Syrian industrialists to announce their return to the foreign markets after the difficult circumstances which they have passed through during the terrorist war waged against their country.

Industry Minister Mohammad Maan Zain al-Abidin Jazba said that leather industries in Syria are deep-rooted, underlining the importance of the participation of Arab companies with their national products that are comparable to the international products with regard to the quality.

He considered that the Expo represents a message for the whole world that the deep-rooted industries returned to Syria stronger than ever despite of the terrorist war waged against the country.

For his part, Head of Exporters Union, Mohammad al-Sawwah said that the Union supports the Expo and its contents, referring to the increase in the amount of exports.

He added that the participation of Iraqi and Jordanian businessmen in the Expo will open the door for exporting Syrian products to new markets in the Arabian Gulf and Iraq.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency