Friday, December 6, 2019
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Simple way to shoot and share photos

Dubai: Why spend thousands of dirhams on a new WiFi camera when you can convert any old one into a WiFi-enabled one.

Toshiba has launched FlashAir wireless SD cards which can store, share photos and videos taken from a camera to tablets, smartphones or laptops and allows users to swap photos very easily.

“We were focusing earlier on B2B [business to business] and OEMs [original equipment manufacturer] but now we are shifting our focus to B2C [business to consumers] ,” Santosh Varghese, General Manager, Toshiba Gulf, told Gulf News.

He said that more people are using DSLR cameras now, not only for professional use but also for casual family gathering.

“I have seen many people taking photos when travelling and then transfer the photos to social media platforms after reaching home. Now, it is easy to transfer photos without using a computer as a mediator when in a WiFi environment and save time,” he said.

FlashAir also retains the normal functionalities of an SD card and works with Android and Apple operating systems.

Varghese said that a normal WiFi camera waste a lot of battery life by always staying on but with this device it gets automatically switched on only when transferring a data.

Users need to download an app from the app stores to activate the function. The access point created by the card can be “accessed by several remote hosts at the same time,” Varghese said.

The 8GB card is priced at Dh145 while the 16GB card for Dh194 and 32GB for Dh299. Varghese said the 32GB card will be available only by end of the month.