Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Sisi calls for relentless effort in face of challenges

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi has urged relentless effort in the face of grave challenges; that have been further aggravated due to the coronavirus pandemic.


The world is still dealing with the negative impact of Covid-19 at all levels, Sisi told a UN Biodiversity Conference, currently taking place in China.


Speaking via video conference, Sisi thanked Beijing for its keenness to host the meeting despite challenges as a result of the coronavirus.


The latest Global Biodiversity Outlook report has set off alarm bells because it pointed to a rapid deterioration over the past years, Sisi said.


He warned that this could lead to a global catastrophe, if world countries do not act together toward more sustainable consumption and production patterns.


The world should be more aware of the importance of protecting biodiversity and maintaining the vital systems for a better future on this planet, Sisi said.


He told the conference that Egypt has, since 2018, been acting to launch a new phase of collective action with the aim to outline a global framework for post-2020 biodiversity.


Indeed, Egypt has made tangible achievements in this regard, Sisi acknowledged, hoping goals would be effectively implemented in the coming stage.


Back in 2018, Egypt had offered an ambitious initiative that included all aspects of the environmental action, Sisi said, adding this was done to guarantee harmonious and integrated efforts to protect biodiversity.


This also had to do with efforts to counter the negative repercussions of climate change and end desertification, the president told the conference.


Such combined effort would for sure have a positive effect on human health, thus leading to comprehensive economic development, he noted.


Today, Egypt hands over the presidency of the conference to China, Sisi said, voicing big confidence in Beijing’s ability to build on important Egyptian moves to protect biodiversity and vital systems on the planet.


Source: State Information Service Egypt