Monday, October 14, 2019
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Social Affairs Minister: Working to improve social services centers

Damascus, � Social Affairs and Labor Minister Rima al-Qadiri said that the Ministry is working in partnership with the civil sector to improve social services centers and the services they provide, particularly to women who suffer from violence.

During a visit on Saturday evening to Wahet al-Amal center for abused women in Bab Musala area in Damascus, al-Qadiri stressed the importance of such centers in providing social services, psychological support, and protection to abused women, lauding the efforts of the Syrian Society for Family Planning in rehabilitating and organizing the center.

She said the Ministry has a plan for developing work in social services centers through networking between societies and establishments to provide services to abused women.

In turn, director of the Syrian Family and Population Affairs Agency Hadeel al-Asmar said the Agency is working on two projects: one for rehabilitating a unit for family protection that specializes in caring for women and children and is due to be opened within the next two months, and a project on case management systems for abused women and children.

For her part, Wahet al-Amal director Eetidal Mohsen said the center receives women ages 18 and up who were subjected to violence based on social type, which includes physical, psychological, verbal, and sexual abuse in addition to negligence and deprivation from resources, with the center offering a range of health, psychological, social, and legal services for 3 to 6 months, in addition to providing counseling.

In turn, executive director of the Syrian Society for Family Planning said the Society will take part in the campaign of 16 days of combating violence based on social type which will be launched on November 25th, with the activities including promoting activities for empowering abused women via education in addition to activities for raising awareness.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency