Social development minister stresses commitment to enhancing services

The government, under royal directives, is heading out into the field to determine the needs of citizens and meet them, while also improving the services provided and addressing all observations, said Wafaa Bani Mustafa, Minister of Social Development. During a visit to the Madaba governorate, Bani Mustafa said: “We are looking to improve the services of the social development ministry and the National Aid Fund by hearing out citizens during on-site visits and taking their opinions and observations [into consideration].” She explained that these tours had a significant impact on amending a number of foundations and instructions in the programs of the ministry and the National Aid Fund. The ministry, she noted during her visit, is working on developing a social protection strategy in line with the Economic Modernization Vision so it will reflect positively on the services provided to citizens. Bani Mustafa pointed to a number of plans to address the issue of street beggars and establish an early intervention unit to diagnose disability in the Madaba governorate, in addition to new training and employment programs for persons with disabilities, in cooperation with the Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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