Sorting of ballots at Syrian Consulate in cities of Sydney and Melbourne start

Capitals- Honorary Consul of Syria in Sydney, Dr.Maher Dabbagh said on Thursday that sorting ballots at the Syrian Consulate in the cities of Sydney and Melbourne started following the closure of the ballot boxes at the local time.

After successful completion of the electoral process, ballot boxes at the Syrian Embassy in China close

Beijing- Meanwhile, Syrian ambassador in Beijing, Dr. Imad Moustapha, announced the closing of the ballot boxes for the presidential elections for Syrians residing in China at the embassy, after the end of the voting process, according to Beijing’s local time.

Moustapha said in a statement to SANA, at “7:00 p.m at Beijing time, the ballot boxes were officially closed.”

He pointed out that hundreds of Syrian citizens residing in various Chinese cities came to cast their votes and participate in this entitlement.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)

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