Thursday, December 12, 2019
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SP pledges Saudi ties boost if voted to power

With the election process gaining momentum and political parties promising the moon to their voters, the Samajwadi Party has taken a pragmatic view of the ongoing situation.
In an interview to Arab News, Ram Gopal, a senior Samajwadi Party leader, spoke about his party’s future plans.
Following are the excerpts from his interview:

In how many states is the Samajwadi Party contesting the Lok Sabha poll and on how many seats?
In all, 125 SP candidates are taking part in the elections. Most of them are from Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

If the Third Front gets a chance to form government, how will you deal with the political parties who are in separate groups?
We will discuss with them and deal with the issue when the time comes.

What does Samajwadi Party say about the Modi wave?
First of all I don’t believe there is any Modi wave. It’s an illusion created by the media. We will do our best to win the majority number of seats in Uttar Pradesh and other states. If we get good results Modi will not be able to be the next prime minister.

How many seats do you expect to win?
Samajwadi Party is expected to win 40 to 50 seats.

Has Samajwadi Party fielded its candidates against Sonia and Rahul Gandhi?
We did this in the past.

The manifesto released by the Samajwadi Party has failed to touch on important topics like education, health, foreign policy etc?
The Samajwadi Party has not said anything about its foreign policy. When the time comes, we will unveil our policy about countries that have supported us in the past. The Samajwadi Party will improve ties with Pakistan as that country is our neighbor.

Muslims have not gained much from schemes of “Minority Ministry”, fake figures are being given. What are the facts?
The Samajwadi Party assures Indian Muslims that if the party gains power at the center we will take strict action against corrupt officials. In Uttar Pradesh we hope to set up a special team to monitor whether Muslims have gained from these schemes.

During the Vidhan Sabha election campaign Mulayam Singh Yadav vowed that if his party came to power in Uttar Pradesh, he will release innocent Muslims who are in jails. What happened to that?
The Uttar Pradesh government has released some of the innocent prisoners from jails but after the ‘Public Interest Litigation’ the court has to decide.

What are your views about Saudi Arabia ?
Saudi Arabia is a wonderful country and our ties are strong. If Samajwadi Party comes to power, our relations will improve tremendously.